High on Sight Seeing Tours

Many people / tourists are not aware about the cannabis Friendly scene in Barcelona and for that we From Greenline would like to offer you the Full experience by one of our tour and Guiding services that we provide in and around Barcelona’s City center. Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona is founded in 2013 and is been active ever since, From Cannabis club invitations to organised City tours that will lead you and your partner, Friends and Family to all nicest places that we have selected for you or with you.

  1. Harbour and Sea side up in Smoke Tour Barcelona

  2. High on City Views Tour

  3. The Magic Fountain&Olympic Stadium Smoke Tour

  4. Gothic Quarter Cannabis Friendly Tour

For Those that don’t wonder around and want to be sure that they see the nicest places in Barcelona’s city Centre and in the same time enjoying some good 420 friendly hospitality than GMG is the way to go.

We from Greenline are guiding Cannabis enthusiast from all over the world since early 2013 and we have made many friends along the journey, and i say Journey because that it has been. And thanks to the all of you ! We from the Greenline still make new friends every day and so the journey continues.

So why not connect and Why not hop on-board the Greenline Marijuana Guide City Tours (GMG Tours) and let us show you around in Barcelona. The Tour leads you from point to point in Barcelona’s inner city and passes by historical monuments and city Gardens, Parks all the way to the Beach and The mountain Views.

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