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  Get Your Membership in BCN
For direct contact please contact by whatsapp messenger +34697719140
direct Connection. Facebook messenger or by mail

Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona is a 18+ service and works on a invitation bases only.
We are your guide / Invitation services!

What this means is that we provide you with a entrance Invitation in to Barcelona’s Cannabis club scene. In the last few Years since early 2013 we from Greenline have provide our service to many people just like you! people who where looking for a invitation while they where visiting barcelona, for short or long term membership, We From the Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona can help you to enters Barcelona’s Cannabis club Scene ,The easy, Safe and private way. Greenline is founded in 2013 and has been involved ever since in Barcelona’s Cannabis Culture and 420friendly entertainment like the Canna friendly city tours. We will help you to find the high-end and good quality Marijuana strains available, ( Caliweed ) Award winning strains and more. as well extracions in all ways and forms, BHO, Clear Extractions, Ice-o-lator Hash, Hash Polm and Moonrocks and many more cannabis based products. We provide you with the invitation to all of this written above. For more on the Daily menu you can always take a peek at our Instragram Profile it shows the daily Strains and more information. As well we can provide a selection of CBD related products and Medical Marijuana for this feel free to contact by email for more information.

(For a direct Club Invitation !Stop reading The number is UP THERE ! )

Many people / tourists are not aware about the cannabis scene in Barcelona and in some cases this means you will end up finding a street-promoter that will lead you to a Shop, It works Don’t get me wrong, But you don’t know where you’re going or what you are Smoking. Those that don’t wonder and want to be sure then Greenline is the way to go. We are guiding cannabis enthusiast from all over the world since early 2013 and we have made many friends along the journey, and i say Journey because that it has been. And thanks to the all of you we still make new friends every day, and so the journey continues,

We will provide you the Real Cannabis Experience in BCN without any Problems or delays! Let’s connect and why not hop on board the Greenline Marijuana Guide Tours and we will show you around in Barcelona, Become part of the journey and let us be your Marijuana friendly guide. We work with a reservation based city guidance that we combine with some nice traditional food and scenery Prices are fair and available on request.

Looking for a Cannabis Club
Guiding and Helping Cannabis friends from all over the world since 2013 to optain there membership and quality Marijuana and Cannabis Products

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